Friday, November 20, 2009

Shelfishly Devoted to You

It is nearly midnight and I should be getting ready for bed because tomorrow will be a busy day. But I can't sleep because I MUST show you what I did after work today.

I dusted, organized, and fancied up bookshelves old and new.

Do you want to see? I'll show you the new bookshelf tonight and the other two soon.

Shelf One: purple owl, "fancy books", rag doll from a relative
Shelf Two: graphic novels, empty Holy Ail Ale bottle, poetry anthologies, short story anthologies, writing handbooks, Tolkien guide, purple vase, two brass owls, robin's eggshell

Shelf Three: metronome from thrift store, non-fiction arranged in semi-Library of Congress order, reading journal/book list, carved wooden Pegasus
Shelf Four: fiction from Alcott to Braddon

Shelf Five: fiction from Bronte to Clark (including stack of Angela Carter's works), thrifted tea tin
Shelf Six: Fiction from Clark to Delafield (including large stack of I. Compton-Burnett novels), thrifted circus tin, empty space for shifting

Expect the other bookshelves to soon, they are in the midst of a very messy dining room. Incidentally, I might be displaying some more pictures of the house next week. I'm planning on switching things up a bit.


Anonymous said...

very nice :))

I need to buy new bookshelves soon.

The rag doll is adorable!

Andi said...

Byooooteeeeful! I do love gawking at other people's shelves. Thanks for the Saturday night titilation!

Thomas at My Porch said...

I love that Bowen hardcover.

ScrambledJill said...

Totally jealous of your bookshelf!

Anonymous said...

Wish my shelves looked that neat and tidy.

Amanda said...

goodness, they won't be neat and tidy and clean for long. When I was moving my shelves and reorganizing I was sneeze my head off from all the dust!

Amanda said...

Thomas, I bought that Bowen book for $1 at an outdoor book sale. Score!

Amanda said...
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