Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hope's doing much better this week; the bully was written up and Hope was commended for standing up to said bully and doing the right thing. Eliminating the corn has helped clear her skin problems, although reading all the labels and finding substitutes for favorite foods has become quite the challenge.

I have several other Goals this week and many Challenges. And yes, they deserve to be capitalized:

  1. Clean the living room and dining room so that the cat will seize feeding on cold macaroni noodles.
  2. Knit like a mad woman to finish Christmas gift #1.
  3. Complete project the first of secret embroidery project.
  4. Bake some treats for Hope to take to school in her corn-free sack lunches. I have a request from the Hope-star for sugar cookies.
  5. Oh, I'm planning on entering a local cookie contest. These means I need to get in the kitchen and do some experimental baking.
  6. Finish The Trial of Elizabeth Cree, because it is due back to the public library this week.
  7. Take the clean laundry out of the baskets and ACTUALLY PUT IT AWAY.
  8. Do not suicide with a stapler at work.
  9. Wax my eyebrows.
  10. Put up my new set of books shelves and reorganize my books. (see piles of books above)
  11. Order some tights and investigate ancient ceremonies to convince the gods to allow Georgia to have Seasons (i.e. it is November and I would like wear my sweaters, enough with the spring-like weather.
  12. Continue to free-base Midol and coffee.


Giggly said...

Hooray for Hope!! You have such an awesome little woman. :) It is a challenge to find food ingredients without corn too. Uuuughhh...I feel for you, but it can be accomplished over time and you all will discover new fun foods.

Oooh, a cookie challenge. I can't wait to hear about the results! My husband is putting me up to a cookie challenge. The challenge is beat the pumpkin chocolate chip recipe and appease his sweet
Sound like we are in the same busy boat...WE CAN DO IT!! Woot. *Yawn*

Catherine said...

local cookie contest? how do i get in on this one????

Anonymous said...

Cookies always good, glad things are better for Hope, (that is a lovely name by the way). And the laundry thing, same in our house, sometimes I think all the laundry is just on this perpetual circle from dirty basket to clean basket and back again, its the finding time to hang stuff up that is the problem, the fact that the 16 year old thinks the floor is one big closet doesn't help. Good luck with the challenges!

Andi said...

A lofty set of goals indeed. I'm right there with ya on the stapler. Can't wait to read about the experimental baking!