Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Because its punk rock, mom, thats why"

I had intended to share reams of photos from Christmas.  Then I left my camera at my parents' house.  Since I am too lazy to verbally reconstruct the holidays, I will wait and do the Christmas update thang next week.

Instead I would like to present reasons why my child will be the next Joan Jett or other such badass rocker chick:

Exhibit A
(scene:  coffee shop)
Mom:  "Hope, there's a huge hole in the top of your shoe! Why are you wearing them?"
Hope:  "Because its punk rock, mom, thats why!"

Exhibit B
(scene:  Amanda and Sam are in the front of the truck listening to Hope in the back seat.)
Sam:  "Is Hope singing guitar solos?"
Amanda:  "Yeah, she is, that's cute."
Sam:  (pauses) "Lord, she is singing Black Label Society."
Amanda:  "What?!"
Sam:  "Hope is metal.  That's awesome!"

Exhibit C
(scene:  leaving the public library)
Hope:  "Mom, I really want to check out the David Bowie book!  He's my favorite singer EVER!"
Mom:  "No, it is a book written for adults.  You can read it when you're older."
Hope:  "HOW OLD?"
Mom:  "Oh, lets say 16.  David Bowie has made mistakes in his life that you don't need to read about."
Hope:  "What kind of mistakes?"
Mom:  "Well, like drugs..."
Hope:  "MOM, it was the 70s, everyone did drugs!"
Mom:  "HOPE!  That isn't true, Grandma and Grandpa didn't do drugs!"
Hope:  "Okay, well everyone else did.  It was the 70s."

Exhibit D
(scene:  late Christmas afternoon)
Hope:  "Hooray!  I got $20 from Papaw for Christmas!  May I buy a CD?"
Mom:  "Of course, Borders is having a sale today, lets hop online and see what they have.  You know, buying your first CD is a big experience!"
Hope:  "I know!  I'm excited!"
Mom:  "Look, they have lots of different iCarly CDs and some by Miranda Cosgrove.... which one....what is it, Hope?"
Hope:  "Well, I was kind of thinking I really want a Heart CD.  Barracuda...dum dum dum dum dum dum dum DUM WAHHHHHH."
Mom:  (agog)  "um, okay, Heart's Greatest Hits it is!"


Let's just say I'm preparing myself for the teen years.  Oh, and all of these rocker chick scenarios occurred in a one week time period.

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Heather said...

Hope is so bad ass!!! And awesome! I love Heart too, she has excellent taste.