Friday, January 8, 2010

Photo Friday: Snow Day

I woke up early this morning -- around 4 a.m. -- not that I needed to, but I was excited for a Snow Day!  This was the view around 7 a.m.

Before Hope woke up, Beau and I cuddled on the couch under blankets reading Barbara Pym.

Irish Breakfast tea and ghost stories were on hand as well.

It was super cold!

After a walk in the snow, feeding breadcrumbs to birds, and a trip to the public library, we warmed up at Inman Perk.

Right now Sam and Hope are watching Spongebob and I'm about to begin baking for BACONFEST tomorrow.  Apple Bacon Pie anyone?

1 comment:

Giggly said...

Jealous because it will NEVER snow where I live. I wish it would just a little. :) Love the pics!