Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award:

1.  Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award

2.   Share 7 things about yourself

3.  Pass the award onto 15 bloggers you've recently discovered

4.  Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award

Thanks, Bahnree, for nominating me!  I honestly don't think I could list 15 blogs to nominate, not having the internet at homes mean that my blog time is extremely limited and I haven't discovered any new blogs in quite a while.  Instead, leave me a comment on this post if you have a blog you love or you want to share your blog with me.  I'll add you to my reader and -- if you tickle my fancy -- I'll nominate you for the award!

Okay, 7 things about myself.  I'm going to change it up a bit and tell you 7 things (okay, 8 things) that have happened in the past week since I last posted.  I've been VERY busy and I feel that I've neglected Ye Olde Blog.

  1. Thursday Night: After posting about Arcade Fire I started having contractions.  FOR REAL contractions, not Braxton Hicks.  They only got to about 3 and a half minutes apart and they quit after an hour or two.  I felt quite shitty, though.  I showered and crawled in bed so Sam could rub my back and listen to me whine.

  2. Friday Afternoon: I went to see my midwife.  He said that I was dehydrated (probably from being at an outdoor show, in Georgia, in August, and dancing like a fool).

  3. More Friday Afternoon: According to the midwife, Atticus is kicking like crazy and growing well.  I was surprised to learn that I've only gained .9 pounds (not even an entire pound!) in the last 4 weeks.  This is amazing to me because I've been eating EVERYTHING.

  4. Friday Night: We took Hope over to grandma's and stayed for dinner.  Mom made a delicious meat loaf.

  5. Saturday: Breakfast at IHOP, reading, and chatting at the coffee shop.  Saturday night we met up with some of my excellent college friends for Thai food and then everyone came back to my house to hang out.

  6. Saturday Night: I went to the liquor store with said friends.  I purchased a Yoohoo.

  7. Sunday: 3 hours of swimming with Hope and Sam.  I couldn't quit watching Sam and Hope play in the pool together.  The two of them had silly, happy smiles plastered on their faces the entire time.  I love my family!  Then we had BBQ pork chops at my parents' house.

  8. Monday Night: The University I work at had a "back-to-school-soiree" and we went to the High to see the Salvador Dali exhibit, heard a faculty / student musical performance, and ate a delicious buffet dinner.

Needless to say I'm exhausted.  The new students are moving in and campus is humming with activity.  Next week classes start, so the library is sure to be quite busy.

Alright, that's it for this Versatile Blogger!  Let me know what blogs you adore!


catherine said...

okay, now that sounds like a fun weekend/monday. dali at the high? love it!! also, boo on real contractions. you gotta have that baby shower first!

Andi said...

Wow! You've been really busy. I remember all the times I started contracting I was dehydrated. I'd get some water in me and I'd be fine, but it sure was freaky in the meantime.

I'm hungry and lusting after Thai food. Yum!

leeswammes said...

What a shock to have contractions this early on! I'm glad all is well again.

Congrats on your award! It's always nice when someone thinks of you. Blogs to nominate: well, my friends, of course-

Rikki from The Bookkeeper -
Carin from A Little Bookish -
or maybe
Esma from Chocolate and Croissants -

No award for me, please! I got this one 3 times already. :-)

nerdybookgirl said...

great recs, leswammes! I'll have to add these to my google reader!

cubiclegirls said...

MMmmm now I'm craving Thai. And IHOP. Possibly combined.

I've just started a snarky blog about office life. Readers are always welcome!