Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Hope!

On Saturday, 02/19/2011, at 3:45am my little girl turned 11.  ELEVEN!  I can't believe how quickly time has flown by.  It seems like only yesterday I was cuddling with Hope like I cuddle with Atticus.

To celebrate, Hope decided to have a rainbow themed sleepover.  Hope spent the morning on the front porch with her little brother making paper garlands out of construction paper:

Of course we had to make rainbow cupcakes.  We used a white cake mix and then divided the mix into several different bowls.  Next we added gel food coloring.  The final step was to layer each different color in the cupcake pan.  I used pale liners so the colors would show well:

Next, vanilla frosting mixed with blue food coloring:

To top things off, I added marshmallow clouds and rainbow candy!

Hope had a wonderful time with her friends.  They giggled well into the night (1am to be exact; Atticus was up for the partying due to teething).

Happy Birthday, Peanut!!!


Leeswammes said...

Those cakes look fantastic... for 11-year olds. :-)

Don't they grow up fast! My sons are 12 and 13 and the oldest is almost as tall as me (and I'm 6 foot tall!).

Happy birthday

Traci said...

Oh my goodness, I still can't believe that Hope is 11! I love the cakes... they're fabulous!

Giggly Mama said...

Awww...sweetness! Happy 11 Hope! :D Those cupcakes are too cute.

Andi said...

WOW! Time does fly, doesn't it? I can't believe she's 11 already!

The cupcakes are STUNNING. I thought those were colored liners, actually. I never dreamed the cake batter itself would cook up that vivid and beautiful. We might have to try that at my house. :)

Thomas at My Porch said...

You are so creative. And I could really go for one of those cupcakes right now.

Susan in TX said...

Wow! Those cupcakes look amazing! Happy birthday to Hope. My oldest dd turned 15 on Sunday. WHERE does the time go? When you said it wasn't that long ago you were cuddling Hope like Atticus, I was right there with you. The days are long, but the years are so, so short!

nerdybookgirl said...

BTW, folks, I'm totally making these for PRIDE next year!!!