Sunday, April 10, 2011

Readathon in Review

My Read-a-Thon concluded, officially at 8am this morning, but I gave up way before then!  After my last update, I went home to take care of Atticus.  Then Shannon arrived and after Atticus went to sleep she grilled hotdogs and hamburgers.  We read while the burgers sizzled away, but afterwards we were too full and sleepy to concentrate.  Shannon left around 10pm and I had plans to read another solid 2 hours.  Then Atticus woke-up and he  decided to throw a full on teething temper tantrum.  So that was the last I read.

I did stay up after his 3:30am nursing session to cheerlead.  I cheered for an hour and I think made it through less than 20 blogs.  I've learned that I loathe blogs with ads, captchas, and too many doodads.  I went back to bed around 5am and Atticus was wide awake by 7am.

My final stats aren't wildly impressive.  I read a total of 351 pages.  That's pretty good, seeing as I usually only fit in 50 pages a day (maybe 100 on a weekend).

I love doing Readathon, but I'm beginning to think I don't fit into the "culture of Readathon."  I might try to do a few mini-weekend readathons that aren't all-nighters, but simply allow me to more consciously devote time to reading.  To give my Mommy and Wife selves time to step back and be nerdy all by myself.

Okay, so why do I feel like I don't fit in?  First a disclaimer, there is no "right way" to Readathon and these thoughts are just about me and not meant to criticize other readathoners.

  • I'm a quality and not quantity kind of girl.  I don't understand people who blow through 15 crappy books, when one good book would be my choosing.

  • I don't understand how one can read quality literature, blog thoughtfully, cheerlead, participate in mini-challenges, Tweet, and read other blogs, compete for prizes and have a quality reading experience.

  • I think this all boils down to my introvert like behavior.  24-Hour Readathon is like a reading frat-party and I truly just want a reading retreat.  I want to read, reflect, and enjoy my time reading.

All this to say I might participate in October's readathon, but I'm probably going to do my own thing about four times a year (quite possibly in conjunction with long weekends).  I might even do themes (poetry, short story, library books, the Gothic, whatever tickles my fancy).

So, give me some feedback.  What do you think about Readathon?


Linda said...

I had a hard time reading, keeping updated on Twitter and commenting on other people's blogs. If I wanted to just read, I would have stay away from the computer. But it wouldn't be as social. I think next time I'll read half the day, cheerlead, hang out on twitter the other half.

Jillian ♣ said...

I do need to organize my time better. I found myself conversing far more than reading -- though I loved the social aspect. Reading is usually a solo-venture. In October I need a plan to only check in on my blog/Twitter/Google Reader say, every three hours. It's way too easy to get distracted.

I do think it's an awesome event, though I'd never get any reading done if it happened every weekend. ;)