Friday, June 24, 2011

Reading Challenge Update

Brief post to discuss my reading challenge progress.  Click here, if you'd like to see the books I've tentatively chosen for challenges; for most of the challenges (excepting Off the Shelf, Support Your Local Library, and Chunkster) the completed books are noted.

Off the Shelf:
  • Goal:  Read 30 books I own
  • Completed:  5 books (16.67%)

  • Goal:  Read 30 books from the library
  • Completed:  11 books (36.67%)

  • Goal:  Read 3 tomes of 750+ pages
  • Completed:  1 book (33.33%)

  • Goal:  Read 12 books of my TBR list
  • Completed:  3 books (25%)

  • Goal:  Read 5 vintage mysteries
  • Completed: 2 books (40%)

  • Goal: Read 12 short-listed or long-listed Man Booker books
  • Completed:  1 book (8.33%)

  • Goal:  Six books that meet the name criteria
  • Completed:  2 books (33.33%)

  • Goal:  Read three books that are the first in a series
  • Completed:  1 book (33.33%)

  • Goal:  Read 12 books that are the second book in a series OR the second time you're reading the author.
  • Completed:  4 books (33.33%)

  • Goal:  Read seven historical novels
  • Completed:  1 book (14.29%)

Dystopian Novels:
  • Goal:  Read 5 novels set in a Dystopian setting
  • Completed:  0 (0%, duh)  !!!

I'm making pretty good progress.... but .... I'm not really where I want to be.  So what does a bookworm do when overwhelmed with reading challenges? Why join another, of course!  I'm signing up for The Japanese Literature Challenge 5!  My only goal is to FINALLY read a Haruki Murakami book before the end of the year.

Happy Reading!!!


Linda said...

I need to do an update on my challeges too. I'm so behind in the TBR challenge. I'm almost done with War Through The Generations though.

Bellezza said...

My goodness, you've set out an ambitious path for yourself! How wonderful they all sound, and i'm so hoping you don't feel buried. Glad that you joined the JCL5; that is such a rewarding challenge to me, and I'm the hostess! It is through the participants that my knowledge of the genre has increased, and truly, when one has read Haruki Murakami? one can practically die knowing that there's not much else in fiction which needs to be discovered.

Thomas at My Porch said...

You could add one more to the library challenge and one to the Booker challenge AND complete the International Anita Brookner Day challenge by reading just one book, Hotel du Lac by July 16th. But maybe you already have your plans for IABD?...