Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hello, July

My computer is utterly broken and I'm waiting to get a "new" to me laptop from my little brother.  Apparently my old laptop was laughably antiquated.  This means piece-meal posts for a bit on work breaks and borrowed computers.  I haven't really missed access to a computer because my weekend was so wonderfully perfect and full.  July certainly has started out with a bang.  This fourth of July weekend:
  • The family went to a birthday party at the local sprayground.  Eli is certainly an adorable one-year-old and I look forward to the many adventures of Atticus and Eli that are sure to pepper the future.
  • Afterwards my good friend Catherine and her adorable little girl came over for a visit.
  • The evening concluded with watching Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and I loved it.
  • On Saturday I took Hope blueberry picking with our friends Heath and Caroline and Catherine and Zoe came as well.  We also hit up the Athens Farmer's Market and the Grit for some delicious food.
  • Sunday was spent cleaning the house (not exciting, but totally necessary)
  • Sunday afternoon Sam and I escaped for a few hours.  He drew and I hung out with my friends Shannon and Naomi and did a little reading.
  • I started two phenomenal books this weekend-- Margaret George's Elizabeth the I: a Novel and The Man Who Loved Books Too Much by Allison Hoover Bartlett.
  • Yesterday, we visited my grandparents and I got to show off my adorable kids.
  • Finally, last night we had our friends Shannon, Heath, and Caroline over for a cookout.

It was a perfect weekend and I have a feeling July will be a very good month.  Family, friends, time outdoors, reading.... I couldn't ask for a better start to the month.


Catherine Mills said...

thanks for letting me crash your friend outing! :)

Amanda said...

My laptop is going to hit that point sometime soon...

Andi (Estella's Revenge) said...

A very good start indeed! It wounds very relaxing and super-fun!

Chris said...

Aw this sounds like a lovely weekend :)

nerdybookgirl said...

you didn't crash it! You added to the friend-goodness!