Thursday, September 8, 2011

Goodbye Wordpress, Hello Blogger

I've been trotting along whipping out my little ABC blog posts and then all of a sudden I decide to change blog hosts and I throw my entire blogging schedule off track.  I was going to spend the morning blogging at a furious rate to catch-up and get ahead, but it looks like this outside:

I've spent the morning hanging out with Atticus (he went to daycare before 9:30) and reading with a caramel macchiato by my side.  It is too pretty to spend all day behind the computer.  Oh well, the ABCs will resume tomorrow and I'll get the entire alphabet done, but maybe not at the rate of 6 posts a week. 

So why the sudden switch back to Blogger? 
  1. I've had problems from the get-go with Wordpress.  All of my previous blog, The Blog Jar, didn't import.  I can't easily use widgets from GoodReads.  I can't upload YouTube videos.  Adding a photo takes FOREVER.  It uploads slowly.  It keeps dumping my twitter linking.  And periodically it just doesn't work.  Frustration.
  2. While writing the ABC posts, I've been going through old Blog Jar posts trolling for pictures.  Looking back, I really like the look and feel of the Blogger blog and I like the continuity.  I switched to WordPress last summer, mid-way through my pregnancy and because everything didn't import correctly I feel like the Blog Jar is lovely reading that gets cut-off (much like finding missing pages in a book or something like that). 
So I'm back to blogger.  I'll keep WordPress up for the next week and then I'm deleting it.  Please come visit me here!

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Eva said...

I've popped your new feed in my reader! :) That's funny: I've never had problems with WP, but I can understand why you'd switch back. What a pain!