Friday, September 30, 2011

J is for Junk in my Bag

I've seen these voyeuristic  "Junk in my bag" posts around the interwebs and I think it is interesting.  I'm being honest when I say that you won't find bits of receipts in my bag.  I hate a sloppy bag, so I tend to clean them out almost daily.  Here's what was lurking in my bag today:

  •  Keys
  • Android phone
  • Journal
  • Planner
  • Cotton yarn
  • Size 6 Bamboo Knitting Needles
  • Basketweave Dishcloth knitting pattern
  • Green pen for making notes on pattern
  • Curious Lists book
  • Burt's Bees tinted gloss
  • Mini-tube of Avon lipstick
  • Oily face blotting papers
  • Lotion 
  • Raisins
  • Notebook for lists and jottings
  • Bookmark
  • Bag of pens
  • The Bad Seed by William March
  • Wallet
There you are, pointless information about my life, or more specifically, my bag.  You're welcome.


Linda said...

I bag of pens and notepaper. Just what I should be carrying. I love your pen bag. So cute!

Anonymous said...

If you hate messy bags you would be beside yourself at mine! I rarely clean out my purse.

Amanda said...

thanks, Linda. I bought that a Barnes and Noble a few years ago.

Lola, LOL. My desk is messy. My orderly nature only applies in some aspects!