Thursday, October 20, 2011

Introvert Mom Break....

I'm on vacation this week (actually my vacation started on Friday). I spent the weekend hanging out with the kids and Sam.  On Monday Hope and Atticus were both out of their respective "schools" so we had fun going to the park:

On Tuesday Atticus went to daycare and Hope - who was still on fall break -- helped me flip bedrooms.  Hope is now in the master bedroom, Atticus is in Hope's former room, and the Ma and Pa room is in the former nursery (i.e. the smallest bedroom).

For the rest of the week both kiddos are in school and Sam is at work and I am HOME ALONE.  Oh dear god it is glorious.  If I don't have time alone I'm a cranky, cranky woman.  This week is offering me a chance to recharge.  The cleaning is done.  Laundry is nearly caught up.  The weather is autumnal.  Right now I'm listening to the wind dancing about the falling tree leaves.  There has been loads of cuddling with the cat while reading Gothic novels.  I've puttered about the house brewing pots of tea and listening to Sufjan Stevens, The Decemberists, and Fleet Foxes.  I have some birthday crafts going and a soup simmering in the slow-cooker.

So while it has been looking like this outside:

I thought I'd show you all my cozy little nooks in my newly cleaned house.  Hey, I'm enjoying it while it lasts:

Now it is time to go curl up with Beauregard Kitty and read. 


Catherine said...

i'm glad you're getting a break, and the house looks fabulous. what a perfect week to get a fall break too.

_Caroline_ said...

Such a pretty house. I love your craft station a lot!

Katie @ Mama the Reader said...

Such lovely photos of that moment of clean clarity every mama craves. Hope it lasts longer than 5 minutes! Ditto on the alone time. I am long overdue with a traveling husband and need to figure something out asap - even if it means lazy knitting while J naps instead of frantically cleaning.