Saturday, October 29, 2011

Things I'm Loving...

1.  Bright green, thrifted cords

2.  Exciting Rumer Godden news from Virago (Thanks, Verity, for keeping us up to date!)

3.  Baking with apples.  I cannot get enough baked apples and I know I will be making some apple butter soon! 

4.  This autumn cowl (I'm starting it this weekend!)

5.  This be-cupcaked face:

6.  Easy birdfeeders!  

7.  A tattoo-idea.... This vintage owl embroidery pattern on my leg and the ink looking like embroidery stitches.  Whatcha think? 

8.  Made these pumpkin pancakes this week and they were FABULOUS!

9.  Super huge book sale!  I took a peek last night, but I plan on spending tomorrow hunting through thousands of books! 

10.  Lana Del Rey.  Lovin' her!


Anonymous said...

I think that owl would be a pretty cool tattoo! I love baking with apples this time of year too.

Jenny said...

I picked through the classics section yesterday morning at the book sale, came away with some fabulous loot! Also I planned a bird-watching event at the library last February and we made almost that exact bird-feeder. :)

Amanda said...

@Lola -- my husband just has to get used to the idea of tatting dainty stitches.

@Jenny -- hooray for birdwatching! The book sale was so kick-ass and I hope it is huge again next year.

Andi said...

Oh my GAD! The owl tattoo idea is FABULOUS!