Friday, January 6, 2012

Dear Darling Blog

Dear Darling Blog,

I know it is only Friday and we just hung out on Tuesday, but I feel like I haven't seen you in forever.  I went back to work and things have been CRAZY!  Lots to do at work (type file type email schedule mail chat groan).  Lots to do at home (nurse cook clean homework parenting laundry).  And then there are the little quiet things I need to keep me sane (read bake read stitch read knit read crochet read write read).  I have this awful fear that you will slip away and become a mere shadow of your quirky little self.

I value our relationship.  You just really listen so well and you let me say what I want and you like my shitty pictures of all my wee hobbies and the endless cute pictures of the kiddos.  Really what our relationship needs is some prioritizing.  Making time for you is important and I'm not going to let my weirdly placed anxieties (no one will like me) or my more bizarre hobbies (although I don't think OCD organizing of kitchen cupboards at 3am is a hobby) or my crazy life as wife/mother/librarychica keep me from you.

So prioritizing it is.  I made a little schedule so we can talk about our feelings or strengthen our bonds or do what ever the heckfire it is we do here, because I love you, hard.  If I have a topic already in place in my weak little mind then when I do have time for us to hang out it will be much easier to get the ball going.

Ok, Blog, here is my new little blog schedule.  Me making time for you.  Because I care. so. much. for. some. odd. reason.

Sunday -- Sunday Salon (a bookish time)
Monday -- Making Monday (recipes, crafts, stitches, etc...)
Tuesday -- Charles Dickens Tuesday
Wednesday -- Web Wanderings (pintrest boards, memes, links, etc)
Thursday -- On the Home Front (mom stuff, marriage stuff, maybe even more recipes)
Friday -- Photo Friday

I'm not sure of the correct way to finish this little letter.  I suppose I could say "you had me at 'new post'".  Or I could just admit that "I can't quit you." But what it comes down to is "you complete me;" for some reason, my little memories and observations bring me joy and peace and happiness.  Blog, you are worth making time to write because when I write about my life in this public of a venue I realize how much I have to appreciate and that always makes my day a bit brighter.

Here's looking at you, Blog.


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Bree said...

Good luck with your blogging schedule. I'm trying to blog on a schedule too.