Monday, January 23, 2012

Making Me Crazy: a Plea to Crafters, Bakers, Stitchers, and Yarn Wranglers

Yes, the cat bed is on top of the craft table.
My beautiful craft area has become a veritable nightmare and the place where we put everything we don't want Atticus to chew on.  I am overwhelmed by the mess and all the projects.  I don't know where to start (or maybe it is when to stop!).  I have quit Pintrest temporarily because I am collecting more ideas and then doing nothing with them. 

My goal this week is to organize this wreck.  Then I am going to figure out February projects.  I think I need to limit myself to one project in each area a month.  I feel like a list may be in order. 

My question to all the creative types out there: how the hellfire do you organize /manage your projects?  Is this some sort of odd OCD?  Please help! 


Andi said...

I don't craft much, so I don't have projects, but my bedroom was looking VERY similar recently. I took a day when Greyson was with Chuck and went all Tasmanian Devil on the joint. It's much more organized and we can both function.

Heather said...

I try to commit to one project at a time. It's really hard sometimes, like when I see a pattern I just HAVE TO DO RIGHT NOW or find a beautiful yarn that just screams at me to buy it. Right now I'm crocheting a granny blanket to use up all my extra yarn, then we'll see what I do next. With your OCD, a list might just be what you need!

Susan in TX said...

I'm going to watch this one for everybody else's advice. My craft/sewing stuff has currently exploded all over the upstairs. We are having a bunch of girls over to make stuff this Friday night and once I started trying to get stuff out to make samples, it was like an avalanche. My kids said, "mom aren't you going to pick this up so we can work on school in here?" "Nope." was my one word answer. :) I'm hoping once we are done this weekend that order will come from the chaos. ;)

Chris said...

I don't know if you use a Mac or PC, but there's a great tool for Mac at least (don't know if they have it for PC) called Evernote. I absolutely love it!! Lets you categorize notes you take yourself AND webpages you save into individual "notebooks" I realize you're asking for organization in forms of physical organization :p But it really is a great tool! I have a notebook for recipes, crafts, DIY ideas for around the house, etc etc.

Amanda said...

@Chris! ooohhhhhh! I'll have to check that out!