Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Threads: Finishing some WIPS and other plans

This week I plan on finishing two projects I'm nearly done with.  The first is an embroidery project I started ages ago.  I'm embellishing flowers on a thrifted pillowcase.  Then there will be some sarcasm and either couching or felt letters applies.  I cannot wait to finish it.

The second project is Hope's cowl.  I'm really sick of this thing by now.  There is actually a funny story behind this.  I crocheted myself a cowl and Hope balked at it.  Then she opened one of her tweenage celeb magazines and *SHOCK* Selena Gomez was wearing a cowl.  Now Hope wants one!  She asked for lots of colors and to make it long so she can make it "super loopy."  You're super loopy, Hope.  Harty Har Har.

Now, one to February projects.  My yarn project will be from this lovely book:

And I'm planning on making this:

I also plan to carry a skein of cotton yarn and some knitting needles to whip-up dish clothes.  My new favorite gift for teachers/family/friends has been baskets with a dishcloth, baked goods, and tea or coffee.  Folks seem to like them and I like being able to give folks something homemade.  I have plenty of cotton to keep me going:

Finally, lots of embroidery and sewing will be going on this month in the form of Valentines!  Atticus's toddler class sent home a Valentine day list (you know the list of names).  I feel silly sending scraps of paper to a bunch of under twos -- the paper valentines will be quickly destroyed and/or eaten -- and I don't want to send sugary junk.  So I've decided to make the kiddos these:

The pattern is from Belle and BurgerI won't put buttons on as they are a choking hazard, but they will have wee stitched eyes and smiles and then the kiddos name on the back.  The pillows are small and there are less than eight kids in the class.  I should be able to whip-up these in a weekend.

I have a few other V-day stitchy plans, but they are secret and cannot be shared yet.


Katie @ Mama the Reader said...

Ohhh, such lovely projects. I especially love the embroidery (first picture). Can't wait to see what they look like all finished up!

Rebecca Reid said...

I don't know how to knit or crochet but I have dabbled in embroidery! Your project is simply gorgeous. I'm very impressed.