Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hello, February

I'm in a restless mood this morning; it is the kinda day that by 8am you think you've failed as a mom.  A ridiculous and untrue statement, but still -- that feeling is there sometimes.  Having a preteen and a toddler at the same time means that some mornings everyone -- even mom -- is in the state of mid-tantrum. 

In an effort to cheer myself and not feel like a miserable person I thought I'd reflect on all the good points in January and think of the awesomeness in store this month.

January Highlights:
Upcoming in February
  • Lots of baking related things -- I start a cake decorating class this Saturday.  Also, I'm making treats for the university bake sale and Hope's birthday is coming up and she has requested the penguin cupcakes from Hello, Cupcake!.  
  • I have lots of "making things" plans for this month (I'll talk about that more in depth tomorrow).  Rest assured there is something yarnish, something stitchish, and many things Valentineish.  
  • Gardening!  As long as funds allow I will be putting a raised bed in the backyard, planting my first crop, and composting.  
  • The Woman in Black movie will be released!  SQUEEEEEE!!!! I've plans for a night of scary literary movie watching and Thai food with a good friend and I can't wait.
  • Hope's 12th birthday party.  A skate party with gobs of tweenagers.  
Alright, I've spent an hour pottering at writing this (interspersed with chores to combat my restlessness).  I think a nice dose of "looking forward to things" helps with any spirit dampening morning.

I hope your February rocks!


Andi said...

I am SO selfishly glad you've been blogging more. I love reading what you're up to. Sounds like January was super-fab, and I'm sure February will be too. Definitely want to see those penguin cupcakes when they're done. :)

Oh, and I saw your Facebook post about your morning. You're not a bad morning. Those mornings are very common among tweens and teens. :)

wutheringwillow said...

Hope your February rocks too!

I don't have any children yet but I do deal with over 100 hormonal college kids everyday. Sometimes I feel like a failure as a teacher. But then I pick myself up and move on. So cheer up! I am pretty sure you're doing a great job! :-)