Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dear March, I Love You

Dreadful February is over.  February is my least favorite month and thank goodness it is short.  Thankfully the last few days were awesome and I love ending on a positive note.  I've had a pretty rad 1st day of March as well. 

There's been reading (finished TWO books yesterday), family time, friends, coffee, thrifting, yarn shopping, hair dyeing, knitting group fun, book organizing*, and general peace and happiness.  I even spent some time with Hope but I have no photo documentation (Hope forbade photos because her "hair was weird").

Just a tidbit of what I've been up to:

Playing outdoors with Atticus.  He is learned to say "bird" last week and enjoys watching and listening for birds and tonight he said "moon".  He stretched his little hand up to wave to the moon. 

Thrifted finds:  a cardigan, a lizard brooch, and a board book.  Not pictured: clothing for Atticus and Hope.

More thrifted finds!  A scrapbook that will be my wedding album and a small book nest that will be decoupaged in the near future.  Not pictured: a cap and thrifted print for Sam.

Yarn!  I found this delicious purpley tweed yarn -- love the flecks of turquoise and gold with the purple!

New eye makeup, a brow wax, and a box of hair dye can make a mom feel like a million dollars.
Tomorrow -- a hair trim, some tattoo touch-ups, lunch with my honey, and a bit of reading before the weekend begins.

Happy March to all!

*bookshelf organizing will be discussed in a later post -- I want to go all nerdy on it.


Amanda said...

Happy March to you too! Thrifted finds are THE BEST. :D

Susan in TX said...

So glad things are looking up for you and that March is off to a good start. I can't wait for that nerdy book organization post! :)

Lindsey said...

I look forward to the book nerdiness. Doesn't every girl love to organize her books? I would also like to point out that Atticus' hat is the best for all small boy people, since my David has the same one. :)