Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Mishmash: 04/23/2012

Scored this owl lamp from a friend! 
-- Friday was an awful, awful, awful day.  I wish I could blab about it, but I promised the parties involved I would not blog about it.  Let's just say Middle School girls are mean.

-- Saturday was much better; it was Readathon day!  I'll do my official post tomorrow.  It will be a bit more introspective than my typical Readathon update (at least that's what I'm hoping).

-- I'd like to say that The Bronte Myth is absolutely fascinating.  I am so glad I'm reading it post-Tenant of Wildfell Hall.  I think this would be a great book to read BEFORE one tackles Elizabeth Gaskell's Life of Charlotte Bronte.

-- I'm also re-reading The Collected Stories of Elizabeth Bowen; I'm pleased to report that I am affirmed in my belief that Elizabeth Bowen is one of the best short story authors EVER.

-- Hey, be prepared to be beaten over the head with this -- donate money to cure pediatric cancer and I WILL SHAVE MY HEAD.  Thanks to everyone who has give so far!

-- Yesterday was a busy day with grocery shopping and a five-hour long late-night shift at the library.  But the afternoon was fabulous!  I took the kids to a playdate at the park and we spent nearly two hours outside enjoying the outdoors.

--  Sam is super excited today because tonight he is going to see Rammstein with his friend Andrew.  I am super excited because I AM NOT going to see Rammstein!

-- I cannot wait until Friday -- my birthday -- I'm going to spend the morning with Sam hanging artwork at the coffee shop and then we are off for a kid-free weekend.  Plans for the weekend include: high tea, book shopping, art museum viewing, great food, looking at dinosaur bones, and two nights in a hotel (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

-- Two more quick bookish things!  It is Muriel Spark week and I will be cracking open Memento Mori as soon as I finish The Bronte Myth.  AND I picked my audiobook; I'm listening to Good Omens by Terry Prachett and  Neil Gaiman and I'm loving it. 

Okay.... my work break is over.  Time to go get back to work.  Have a great week, y'all!


Andi said...

That lamp is SWEEEET!!!! Where do I get a friend I can score one from?

Also, middle school girls are mean. Tell Hope whatever happened, she can gloat when she's 30 and far more successful than her former friends. That's what Facebook is for!

I will be donating $$$!

Enjoy your weekend away!

Amanda said...

Woohoo for Good Omens! I'm glad you're loving it!

Thomas at My Porch said...

I sent your birthday present to St. Balrick's

Susan said...

YOu are the second person to blog about The Collected Short STories of Elizaeth Bowen. I really want to read some now :-)