Monday, June 25, 2012

Stomach Bug vs. Amanda.... Stomach Bug wins!

The stomach bug that afflicted Atticus on Friday finally hit me yesterday.  The day started okay, we all did weekly cleaning.  Sam said he felt "bleh" but I disregarded it because he says that every morning (he is not a morning person).  That afternoon Hope left for grandma's and Sam went to work at the tattoo shop.  I was tired and fell asleep on the couch while Atticus was napping.  at 2:40pm.  I woke with a lurch.  The horrible clammy, dank, gross, crampy feeling of a stomach virus. 

I spent the afternoon on the couch nursing Atticus and trying to amuse him and then hovering over the toilet bowl.  Atticus was trying to be helpful while mama was being "yuck."  There I was crouched over the toilet waiting to retch (or the horrible moment when I couldn't figure out which end it would hit) and I could hear Atticus running through the living room to the bathroom "MMMMMMAAAAAAAMMMMMMMAAAA!" as he proudly brought me my bottle of ginger ale, my phone, and a collection of Elizabeth Bowen stories.  "Thank you, Atticus" I said in between dry heaves.  I sent Sam a text begging him to come home.

Sam felt awful and gassy, but he never did actually throw-up so he was the grownup in charge.  He played with Atticus and brought me ice cubes.  The worst part was when Atticus kept asking to nurse.  There was a point when I simply couldn't do it anymore.  I felt so drained and weak.  I told him no and he cried.  Then I explained that I was very sick and my tummy hurt.  The sweet boy kept kissing my arms and stomach and patting my head.  He took good care of mama.

Actually the worst part was when I thought I was going to miscarry.  My stomach was hurting and cramping so badly and I threw-up hard enough to bust the capillaries in my face.  I haven't bled, so I think I'm okay, but I was quite scared.

My mom brought Hope home around 10:30 because she was throwing up as well.  My dad has complications from bleeding ulcers and can't afford to get sick, so she had to come home.  I was up with Hope during the night and she threw-up at least three times. 

Sam took Atticus to school this morning and I slept hard until 11.  I've had some applesauce, crackers, and ginger ale and I think I'm ready for bed again.  I still feel weak and shaky.

But of course I will bring this all around to books.  Every time I have a stomach bug I think of Esther Greenwood's food poisoning in The Bell Jar.  I just need someone to spoon feed me broth with floating pats of butter and send me a short story collection and I'll be alright. 

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Catherine said...

i'm reading sean o'faolain's short stories right now... do you want me to call you and read them to you?

also, i didn't even think about the risk of miscarriage! praying you continue to get better with no more heaving.