Sunday, July 1, 2012

July's Reading Pile

I cannot believe it is already July.  Where did the time go?  I know it is summer, but I hate how hot it is here in Georgia.  We're talking 103 or so.  Bleh.

Today has been a quiet, indoor captivity.  Hope is visiting the grandparents and Sam has to work all day (7am-4pm on a Sunday... that blows).  I've been hanging out with Atticus today.  So far we've had tea with Rupert Bear, built a blanket fort that Atticus crashed in 30 seconds, watched Sesame Street, folded and put away the laundry, cleaned the kitchen, put away books, cleaned the livingroom, cleaned the sunroom, windexed the windows, played with trains, scolded Atticus for giving himself "tatuus" with big sister's markers, had lunch, and put the toddler down for a nap.


I love my days at home on the weekend, but I think it is funny when I go back to work and the pace is actually slower.

I bet you can see why I'm falling behind on my reading.  I had planned to do a huge reading challenge update, but I was embarrassed by my lack of progress.  Soon I will update everyone and hopefully I will be able to cross some more titles off my list.  I've assembled my July reading pile with an eye to annihilating my challenges.  Hoo-rah.

July Reading Pile
  • The Collected Stories of Elizabeth Bowen is nearly complete and is for the Classics Club and the Short Story Reading Challenge
  • This Side of Paradise is in progress and is for the Classics Club, Truth in Fiction, Back to the Classics and the TBR Challenge.
  • Daniel Deronda by George Eliot is for the Classics Club, Allie's Victorian Celebration, the TBR Challenge, and the Tea and Books challenge
  • The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey is for the Vintage Mystery Deadly Decades challenge and the TBR challenge.
  • The House in Paris by Elizabeth Bowen is for the Classics Club and the TBR challenge
  • The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath is for the Truth in Fiction challenge
  • The Dead Secret by Wilkie Collins is for the Classics Club, Allie's Victorian Celebration and the Victorian Challenge
  • Uncle Silas is for the Classics Club, Allie's Victorian Celebration, and the TBR challenge
  • Zelda: A Biography by Nancy Mitford is for the Truth in Fiction Challenge and the TBR challenge.  
AND all of these books are from my stacks.  I still haven't broken my library book ban.  Now I'm going to go fill up the kiddie pool for when nap time is over.   Perhaps Elizabeth Bowen will accompany me to wait out the pool filling in the heat.


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Rachel Dalloway said...

I have the Zelda biography. You've reminded me I really should get around to reading it.