Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh My... How Pinteresting: 08/02/2012

I have decided to sign up for the Pin it and Do it Challenge this month.  I decided to to this when I made a pinboard of completed pins and realized I've only done two pins... one in October of 2011 and one this past July.  Sheesh!  Hopefully this will compel me to actually do something.  I signing up for the second level, Pinterested which is to complete 4-7 pins in the month of August.  I've shared some of the things I want to to here and here, but here are a few more things catching my eye:

Veggies make me puke right now, but I think I could eat this!
Homemade baby wipes
Washcloth patterns... this is quick way to use up yarn!
I'm thinking this would be great in my room or in the living room
Atticus's burp cloths were used to death.  I need to make a bunch before baby #3 arrives

Whelp.  I think I have enough on my plate for now.  Time to actually get my butt in gear and make stuff.

Join in with the fun!

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