Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Readerly Rambles: 10/03/2012

I haven't finished any of my reads this week.  Sigh.  This week's Readerly Rambles will be a bit different.  However, there is bookish activity afoot! 

Book Miscellany

Book buying in the future:  Y'all, I haven't purchased a single book since May.  MAY.  I'm suffering.  I have several book buying opportunities on the horizon.  I have a $30 worth of books for $15 coupon from  I have $16 credit at a used bookstore in Athens.  I have a big box of books to trade in at a local shop.  The big news?  The massive library sale happens the last weekend in October and I am off that Friday.  I am so going. 

Book organization -- real world:  In a few weeks we are doing a massive rearranging of the house and changing things up in anticipation of the holidays (and Persy Jane).  To shorten a long and confusing explanation of the planned improvements, let's just say that my built in shelves in the living room will no longer store toys.  That frees up three selves.  My books from the bedroom will move and all be in the library.

Reading chair:
  I am now on the prowl for the perfect reading chair, but it needs to be really reasonably (ahem, cheaply) priced.  I want something squishy for cozy reading, but firm enough for prolonged baby holding / breast feeding.  An ottoman would be an added bonus.  Since we've gotten scabies once and it was terrible I am incredibly wary of thrift store furniture.  We'll see if I can locate something.

Book organization -- virtual:  I still need to construct a shelf in GoodReads for my Classics Challenge and I really want to revive my LibraryThing account.  For LibraryThing I will need to delete a lot of the books and then start over cataloging my collection.  I'll see when I can work that in before the close of 2012.

Book Events

All Hallows Eve Swap:  Have you signed up?  I love the prospect of sending someone a scary book along with some added treats.  Sign-up is going on until Friday!  An added bonus is I think that this is the perfect way to make new bookish friends. 

Gothic in October:
  I'm sort of participating.  I'm planning on reading The Italian by Ann Radcliffe, but I probably won't get to it until holiday break.  I'm reading a collection of M R James stories and I'm really enjoying it.  I plan on posting more thoroughly on the collection when I'm done. 

RIP:  The R.eaders' I.mbibing P.eril challenge is going along wonderfully.  I haven't had a chance to watch any films (does Sherlock season 2 count) but I plan on remedying that soon.  So far I've read three titles for RIP:  The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  I have loads more in the RIP pile:  MR James short stories, more Harry Potter, The Mist in the Mirror by Susan Hill, and The Solitary House by Lynn Shepard.  I'm also joining in on The Graveyard Book read-along, but I'll be listening to the audio version.


24-hour Readathon:  October 13th is the day!  Next weekend!  I'm hoping to make it a spectacular RIP readathon.  Of course, I will not be able to participate in all 24 hours.  Sam will spend most of the day with the kids, but I do want to see my kiddos a bit and "come up for air." 

Okay, nothing finished.  But as you can see I'm just as consumed by reading as ever.  Happy Reading, folks!

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