Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pinning it and Doing it and Doing it well

Remember when I joined Trish's Pin it and Do it Challenge in October?  Well, I was successful in completing the challenge; I just seem to be awful at updating on these "pinning" challenges.  The problem is when I'm being crafty or baking or reading I'm blogging less. Ah the vicious circle.  My goal was to complete 8 pins... Here were my goals:

-- Tee shirt cape (DONE) made this for Atticus from an old Batman shirt.  He didn't want it and opted for a pink tutu at daycare.)
--  Apple Cheddar scones (DONE)
-- Start Persy's owl mobile
-- One to three Halloween or Autumn decorations (DONE -- 2 decorations)
-- Halloween treats for the daycare (DONE)
-- Treats and prizes for the Great Pumpkin hunt (DONE)
-- Birthday cupcakes for Atticus' daycare and the birthday party (DONE for the b-day party: pumpkin pie and apple spice)
-- some sides for the party (DONE -- 3 sides)
--start knitting my Christmas gift dishcloths (IN PROGRESS)
-- try at least one cleaning or organization tip (DONE)


I'm pretty pumped right now.... so of course I'm going to sign up for the Holiday Pin it and Do it Challenge.  Late, of course, but signing up nonetheless.   My goal is to be pin obsessed and complete 12 pins.  I know I'll do this because the Holiday's are my shiny, happy, homemaker-playing time.

Here are some projects on my list:

-- Reindeer cookies
-- Mini chicken pot pies
-- Peppermint Kiss cookies
-- 1-3 knit/crochet dishcloths
-- Scrub the dishwasher
-- homemade ornaments of some sort
-- Finish stitching Christmas stockings
-- Fridge snowman
-- Polar express hot cocoa
-- White chicken chili
-- York Peppermint Brownies
-- Persy Jane's baby blanket completion
-- Carry out my idea of adorably themed Christmas stocking treats

I know I'll find more projects and I swear I'll try to be better about updating.

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