Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend Cooking: Thanksgiving and Tree Trimming

This past week was all about food.  Okay ... really it was mostly about spending time with my husband and kids, but food was certainly involved to some degree.  Fall and Winter are my most favorite times for cooking and baking.  Duh.  After all, I am making giant soft pretzels from scratch right now (they're rising) rather than packing my lunch, showering, or folding laundry.

Thanksgiving Day was a spectacular food event.  I brought impossible pumpkin pie cupcakes, but my Mother-in-Law brought a ton of food and I was happily full for a full 12 hours after nomming my lunchtime Thanksgiving meal.  I also did a wee bit of baking and food prep.

The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving was our family tree-trimming party.  We watched Mickey's Christmas Carol and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  We broke out our fake tree, ornaments, festive knickknacks, snowman plates, and twinkle lights.  And we did our usual meal... party finger food for dinner with cookies and cocoa for dessert.

Mini chicken pot pies... these were pretty good. The kids really liked them.  Essentially you take refrigerated biscuit dough, press them into a muffin tin, and then add in the filling mixture.  The recipe is here

Hope's favorite:  Peppermint Kiss cookies. Recipe is here

Reindeer cookies.  A basic snickerdoodle recipe with candy and pretzels for decoration. 

"Polar Express" Hot Cocoa.  This was disgusting.  It was WAY too sweet.  Even Sam and Hope didn't like it.  The sweetened condensed milk and chocolate chips were too much.  If you are brave, the recipe is here
That pretty much sums up most of my baking for the week.  I hope everyone else had a terrific and delicious holiday!


Beth F said...

Those reindeer cookies look really cute. And thanks for the warning about the hot cocoa. A little sweet indulgence is one thing but over the top is not good.

Amanda said...

Those peppermint kiss cookies look so good!

Amanda said...

Beth-- My husband (who has a major sweet tooth) said that the cocoa was so rich and sweet it was difficult to swallow!

Amanda -- they were pretty good. I'm not a huge fan of peppermint baked goods, but it is Hope's favorite.

Christine said...

Adorable reindeer cookies! I'll have to remember that one.

I'm on the hunt for a homemade hot cocoa recipe.. but I'll pass on the too sweet one! Thanks for the heads up!

I have the same little owl votive holder in your first photo. Isn't it darling?

write in tights said...

The baking and the hot chocolate. Oh my!

claire said...

Just have to say it.. I LOVE your owl mug!bn