Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Classics Club: a Non-Readathon Check-in Post

Late this morning, after a full early morning of grocery shopping, I was playing outside with Atticus.  We gathered smooth stones and placed them on a water stain in the driveway and Atticus declared the stones turtles.  Then we found as many "pokey" sticks as we could carry and placed those on the porch.  Atticus said they were porcupines we were picking up for Bob the Builder so the hippos don't get them.  It was exciting stuff.

And that is why I'm not participating in the Classics Club readathon today.  Part of me would LOVE to curl up in my squishy chair with a blanket and a book, but truly my books will always be there and this little exploring adventure tot will grow up and not always want to hunt for porcupines and turtles with his mother.

I am using naptime (fueled by a delicious cup of coffee) to do a brief, introspective analysis of my Classics Club goals and participation.  I at least wanted to accomplish something related to books today.

I officially joined the Classics Club on 18 March 2012 and I am planning on writing a more through update on 18 March 2013 to mark the first anniversary of the event.  This however is a post all about how I'm going to change up the rules and cheat a bit.

My original goal was to read 100 books off of a list of titles I selected (I think my list is around 120 if you include sequels).  Rereads were alright as long as I hadn't read the book in the past 5 years.  I was planning on treating myself to a new book for every 5 books completed. 

I've decided that I don't like the predetermined list idea.  My problem is that so many wonderful read-alongs and book suggestions have been made from other Classic Clubbers and I want to read more, or at least different, classics than on the list.  I'm still keeping my list up, but I'm going to change the game.  My new goal is to read 150 books of literary quality written BEFORE 1950 and add as many books as I like to the list.  I'll still be tracking Virago books and re-reads and if I can get my hands on some Persephone titles I'll add those into the tracking as well.  The change will not be retroactive, but you will see titles popping up on my list in the sidebar. 

My participation was poor last year with only a mere 4 books read (from March onward, I read a few classics prior to March).  This year I plan on reading at least 18 books -- half of my yearly goal -- that were written prior to 1950. 

My other bookish goal that also impacts The Classics Club:  reviewing each book in its own post.  I'm planning on taking a month-long maternity leave blog break in February, but when I get back I need to make reviewing a top priority. 

Atticus is still napping and my pregnancy fatigue is oddly at a minimum today so I may attempt to read for a few minutes before Mr. Adventure wakes up.

Happy Readathoning to all my dear Classics Club peeps!

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I love this post, especially the opening! :)