Saturday, March 9, 2013


I'm blogging from my phone with a snoozing baby beside me and a sleepy toddler napping in his room and Sam watching TV on the couch.  Hope is visiting her grandparents.  We spent the morning eating eggs and toast and sipping coffee.  Then tidying up. Mid-morning found Sam and Atticus outside with dump trucks and shovels while I nursed Persy on the couch and read Vanity Fair.  Then grocery shopping and now our quiet afternoon.  Later we have plans to walk to the coffee shop and then tonight perhaps some knitting and television.

I really love my life.

I've been on maternity leave now for nearly 5 weeks and I think I finally have some routine in my weekdays at home.  I don't believe in scheduling/training babies, but I am fond of establishing routines.  In the morning there's breakfast, coffee and usually watching a movie on the couch.  Some chores and then lunch and naps and tummy time for Persy.  Hope arrives home from school and holds Persy while I start dinner and then the fellas come home.  Atticus arriving home is a wee bit stressful as he is still jealous of the baby.  Allowing him to help me with making dinner, loading dishes, setting the table and changing Persy helps; it is time with mom and he likes doing big boy things.

After dinner we start story time, bath time, and I marathon nurse two kids.  Once the kids are in bed, I shower and then I hangout with Sam and Persy on the couch. 

Then it is bedtime.  A feeding and a change for Persy and then Sam puts her to bed.  She's been sleeping for 3-4 hours at a stretch which is lovely. 

I do miss blogging and I have been reading every post in my Google Reader, but commenting has been tricky.  One day I will get back to commenting.  Right now I am pretty content to just soak up life.


Debi said...

Don't you worry--all the blogs are still going to be around to comment on later, right? Sounds like you're doing life perfectly right now, as you said "just soaking it up." Such a sweet, wonderful family you all make. :)

Lindsey said...

Figuring out a new routine is always challenging, but it sounds like you are adjusting well. I will be in your shoes in about two months! Enjoy your time with that adorable little one. :)