Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Changes

The first day of Spring doesn't happen until later this week, but I truly feel like all the freshness and joy of Spring has arrived. The weather is bright, sunny, mild, and glorious. And with Spring comes a bursting forth of change.

There has been some changes of late in our lives. Sam is no longer working at the tattoo shop. I am filled with righteous wife anger over how I think Sam was unjustly and ridiculously let go. It will be a loss of some income for us. As is the nature of tattooing... some weeks me made no money and other weeks he made the money that covers clothing, Christmas gifts, field trips, and school necessities... in other words the money that we used for the kids. He was only part time at the shop, but he loved it. Folks were displeased he took off two weeks when Persephone was born. After that he went to appointment only and then he offered to come in on Sundays to help out.

Last Sunday he went to work. He was going to walk to the shop (which according to Google maps is 2.5 miles away from our home). Then he decided to take the van and then bring it back to me at 2:30 so I could go visit my parents' home. His coworkers all said they were cool with it... he gave a discount on his cut of a tattoo to a client that was cool with him leaving. He was gone for ten minutes. I was driving him back -- at about the 7 minute mark -- when he got a text message saying he was fired. A TEXT MESSAGE. We stopped to pick up his check and supplies and then we all went to visit my parents and I was so angry... so angry. I was angry that he was fired so unprofessionally and needlessly. If we had thought there was a problem I would have gone to my parents earlier or later. Folks leave all the time to buy cigarettes or smoke the cigarettes or stand around in the parking lot or pick up food. We never expected this. I think I am mostly angry because I feel responsible. I suggested he leave and bring the van back. I had the c-section that required him to take off. Five years ago he was on his way to living his dream as a tattoo artist and now he is married with 3 kids and a janitor. I feel like I've stifled him.

We're trying to be positive right now. Sam starts college in May and it was going to be tough balancing tattooing, studying, work, and family. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. I think as long as we work out an artistic outlet for him he will be happy.

So besides this work change and the fact that Atticus can be a bit overwhelming at times (toddlers are so...dramatic) things are good.

* Hope and I are vegetarian now. Of course I --like a ninny - decided to take up watching agribusiness documentaries. I will say I feel much more energetic and I'm eating more fruits and veggies. I'm focusing more on beans as a source of protein with minimum soy products and I'm enjoying cooking new dishes from this cookbook.  
*Atticus is my kitchen helper. He enjoys making toast. He helps me to load the dishwasher. On the weekends we bake and today it was vegan chocolate cupcakes. Persy started fussing as we were putting batter into the pans. Hope was holding her, but Atticus kept saying, "Persy freaking out?"
*Speaking of which Atticus has quite the imagination. Everything is a monster truck, boat, or spaceship. He pretends to plop a pretend helmet and pretend gloves on Persy so he can drive her in the monster truck.  The monster truck happens to look a whole lot like a pile of couch cushions stacked high.
* I've finally gotten the hang of baby-wearing. Persy loves the Moby wrap and I have a beautiful Maya wrap a friend made for us. Right now Persy prefers the Moby because she likes to be snug and upright, but I think the Maya will get more use in the long run.
*Hope proves to be essential to my survival. She is funny and witty and silly and immensely helpful with her brother and fetching diapers/burp cloths/etc....  
*This past weekend Hope and Sam worked on her science project about the ocean. I managed to covertly snap a picture of Hope looking through her seashell collection for the project. Middle school girls apparently elude candid family shots quite well.
*We've been out and about walking in the evening with kids. Persy usually naps in the stroller and Atticus is amused looking around and then I get a chance to actually talk to my husband.
*Oh, yes, my husband. I sure do love him and I miss him. We're so busy with kids that we rarely get time alone. Last night we had a "date" involving Ben and Jerry's ice cream and a DVD rental. Persy was a well-behaved third wheel.
*I'm still reading, but don't expect book posts until April, but there are good things on the horizon.


Debi said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry about Sam's firing. I suspect that with school starting in May, you're probably right about it being a blessing in disguise. That still doesn't make the way they treated him okay. :(

Otherwise, it sounds like life is pretty darn awesome...and that is wonderful to hear!

Heidi’sbooks said...

That sucks. Truly. Don't think you are holding your husband down. He's a better man for marrying you. I'll be thinking of you. He'll rise to the challenge-- and going back to school is a challenge. He can do it! It will be more time right now that he can spend with the kids. That baby will only be small for a short time.