Monday, April 1, 2013

Welcome, April!

April will be a wonderful month; I can feel that good things are in store. This month has always felt like a time for new beginnings. I don't know if this is because it is my birthday month or if it is due to Georgia weather starting to act like Springtime proper, but April is off to a great start.

Hope is on spring break and so Persy and I had company. We ran some errands, watched a little TV, went out to the coffee shop and Hope held Persy so I could thoroughly sweep and vacuum nearly every floor.  Ah, Spring!

This will also be my last month on maternity leave. I have to admit that I am looking forward to going back to work. Persy is a lovely baby, but I don't do well functioning in temporary arrangements. I've always loved my schedules and lists and orderly ways and this temporary SAHM is beginning to drive me crazy. Basically, if I knew I would be a permanent SAHM I'd be planning a garden, buying a yogurt maker, finding mommy groups and otherwise organizing my SAHM work day. But I know this is just temporary and I'll be back at work soon and therefore my brain jumps to work and preparing Persy for daycare. I'm not at all worried about Persy going to daycare; our university's daycare is exceptional and Atticus has adored attending. Miss Laura will be Persy's "teacher" and she cared for Atticus and spoiled him rotten. I know that Persy will be loved on all day. In addition, many parents pull their kids out for the summer. During Atticus's first summer in daycare there were two teachers and four babies; that's an awesome teacher to baby ratio!

I am planning on making the most of April; here are some goals, plans and other aspirations for the month:

-- I've been vegetarian for a month now and I don't see me ever going back to being a meat eater at this point in time. Hope is also vegetarian and Sam and Atticus are eating vegetarian at home. Atticus doesn't really care for meat that much and so I don't even think he is getting that much at school. I'm looking forward to exploring more recipes and to the Athens Farmers' Market opening! Our farmer's market doesn't open until late May so we are going to make the 45 minute drive at least twice this month. If funds allow we will also grab a bite to eat at my favorite restaurant, The Grit!
-- I have two bookish events on the horizon; World Book Night and the 24-hour Readathon. My reading has been lax of late, but I'm hoping it will pick up. Maybe I can finish something this month?
--I swear I will finish Persy's baby blanket this month.
--Blogging! I plan on making a fierce comeback to blogging.
--Unplugging? I do plan on increasing my blogging, but I am seriously considering ditching my smart phone for a plain old phone for just calls and texting. I waste time on Facebook and other sites when I could be READING. Do I really need to pay what I'm paying to update Twitter, like images on Instagram, and scroll mindlessly through Pinterest?  Hummm.... we'll see... the jury is still out on this idea.
--Weight loss. I gained so much weight this last pregnancy. I don't know how; pregnant and nursing four times a day and I still gained 58 pounds. I gained back all the weight I lost last year plus some. I spent February and March healing from surgery and establishing my milk supply and now April is going to kick some of this fat ass to the curb. I've lost 38 pounds since Persy was born, but I am still 5.8 pounds over my pre weight loss weight from last year. GRRRRRRRRR........

I hope everyone else has bright and happy plans for April and (fingers crossed) I expect you'll be seeing more of me around the blogosphere. 

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frugalmaven said...

With all the wonderful things you wil be getting at the farmers market and once back to work I am sure things will seattle down. So no Blackbery bushes this year? Lol. I will just bring you some blackberry juice to mix with your tea. It is yum!