Thursday, April 4, 2013

Motherhood Isn't for Cowards

Or I guess we could call this night scenes. 

10:20pm fall asleep in the living room while husband holds the cranky baby.

11:00pm get up and go to bed

1:30am change baby's diaper, wipe her nose (why is there dried blood on her nose?!), nurse.

2:15am baby coughs and then regurgitates a gallon of breastmilk.

2:16am strip naked in the livingroom and pile up the wet things including blanket, boppy, baby clothes, etc...

2:17am change baby's diaper and lament presence of mucous. Still naked.

2:20am scrub puked milk out of livingroom chair.  Still naked.

2:25am wipe down self and put on pjs.

2:30am eat a handful of almonds and a banana. Nurse baby... again

2:50 put baby in bed.

2:52am cat starts running in the house and wailing.

2:55am put cat in the basement

2:57am go back to bed.

5:00am wake to tot running through the house yelling, "I awake!"

5:10am change tot's diaper, read "bubbles, bubbles, everywhere" and make Coleridge references lost on the toddler.

5:20am sing "you are my sunshine" a half dozen times.

5:30am tot back asleep. Crawl into bed.

5:40am baby wakes up.

I'd like for people to think that because I believe in attachment parenting that I was cool with this sleepless night.  Maybe picture me waking sleepy, bemused, and with a smile.  Nope.  I was loving, but I did utter the biggest string of profanities into my pillow. I love my babies, but a sure miss sleep.

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