Sunday, August 16, 2009


I finally finished this bib I'm making for pregnant friend #2. In fact, I still need to mail pregnant friend #1's gift. At least I have until this winter/spring to make gifts for pregnant friends #3 and #4. Oh, and then there are all the friends/relatives getting married.

I started with a bird pattern from Sublime Stitching. It is from Jenny Hart's book Sublime Stitching.
I added the flower for the eye bit. I thought it gave it a bit of a sugar skull look. I like to think of this as a chest tattoo for baby, rather than just a bib.


Traci said...

That is so beautiful... good job!

bookworm romance said...

It's super fun and colorful! Do your fingers hurt yet? I embroidered on canvas for a week and my poor little fingers hurt.