Friday, August 14, 2009

Photo Friday: the Pantry Edition

Sam bought an old metal cabinet from a yard sale for $15. He spray-painted it blue and put it in the kitchen for me. With this cabinet and an existing cupboard I've fashioned my self a pantry.


The lower compartment stores our bread, tea, oatmeal, and extra cereals

The cupboard above

The drawer stores snacks and things for the lunchbox

I know this is probably only exciting to two people in the world; but I was pretty darn excited and had to share. Any one with a crappy apartment kitchen can appreciate a good pantry/storage area!


Traci said...

I love it! So organized.

We had to fashion ourselves a pantry too... pantries are rare in CO for some reason.

Giggly said...

Hooray for pantries!

Catherine said...

apparently more than 2 people appreciate your pantry. because i am commenter number three with this thought:

your pantry looks great!

and i keep having to correct my spelling, as i keep typing panty. :)

Andi said...

Amen, sister! Our condo is seriously short on storage space, and your handcrafted pantry is SO CUTE. I think I might do something similar in our kitchen.