Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Vacation Meltdown Prevention, Part I

This Saturday, beginning at 6:30 p.m., I will be on vacation. I'm not going anywhere, just taking some time off to try and keep my wits about me. Typically, my vacation time is less than relaxing. Several things usually happen that lead to disaster:
  1. First of all, I obsessively check my work email. I'm not salaried, so this is self-inflicted torture.
  2. I try to accomplish every household task conceivable because "this is my one chance to get it all done." I spend my days organizing closets, scrubbing baseboards and screaming at the people I love. I tell myself I'll do something fun when I'm done -- but I'm never done. The day ends with me freaking out over a toy or a shoe on the floor, crying, and throwing myself in bed at obscene hours. Picture that bathroom cleaning scene from Mommie Dearest, yeah, that's me.
  3. Since I'm so tired from cleaning I spend my other hours sleeping. I gradual sleep more and more and more and my schedule moves around. By the end of the week I'm going to bed at 4 a.m. and then sleeping until 2 in the afternoon.
  4. This is a problem because when I go back to work I have to wake up at 5 a.m. Yup... that first day back is terrible. I usually have had one or two hours of slept and am hating myself for not doing anything fun on vacation.
This is going to change this vacation. I have a completely different way of looking at things now and there are going to be some vacation "rules." First of all, no checking work email. AT ALL. PERIOD. Next, I'm making a HUGE list of fun things to do. Rather than slave away at housework and wait for fun, I'm going to do 5 fun things and then do one project.

Look for the lists tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I can identify with that. It is a family joke that I and my daughter can only have fun if it is scheduled in and only within the time frame and terms of the scheduling. I saw a cool post on taking things easy at:
A dog giving advice to humans, she thinks we are to lazy to do nothing.
Anyway have a great break, put your feet up and read a few books, maybe make some mess together, have fun.

ScrambledJill said...

I hope you have a great vacation, it would be terrible to waste it on cleaning!

Andi said...

Ohhh yeah, that's me too. Unless I make definite fun plans I'll let it all spiral out of control. Good luck, lady!

Virginia said...

Good luck. I think I usually end up doing exactly what you just described, and then go back to work going "Wait, wasn't I on vacation last week? Wha happah?"

Amanda said...

Yo everyone -- its nice to know that I'm not the only one who struggles with this. Here's to awesome, lazy, fun-filled vacations.