Sunday, October 4, 2009

Whoooo's Crafty?

Tomorrow I pick-up my glasses and have plans to do nothing tomorrow night except read like a mother fucker. Until then, I've found that the headaches and blurry vision is making me not enjoy my reading, which, of course, blows dog.

I was wondering around today, listless and bored. Hope was busy making paperdolls out of cardboard, glue, and old American Girl Doll catalogs (she is one crafty chica). I decided to spend the afternoon doing something creative; so I made this:

The fabric is a rad cord my mom gave me. And I used buttons, felt, and embroidery floss. I like it... but I think I can improve on it a bit. I sewed a pinback on so I can wear it with my cardigans. Originally I was going to sew it on my brown cardigan, but realized I will most likely want to wear this pin with other things.


Giggly said...

How adorable!!

julochka said...


i love owls.

April Boland said...

I keep seeing things that make me think of you:

Amanda said...

I think he is pretty darlin' myself, although I do want to improve some on the stitching.

April, you are so awesome!

Andi said...

SO CUTE! I'm owl crazy.