Monday, October 5, 2009

Barnabas Owl Presents: The October "To Be Read" Pile

Greeting. This is Barnabas Owl waiting for me to make my way to the kitchen to brew some Lady Grey Tea and get down to the business of picking out some spooktacular reads for October. After much hooting and wing flapping (on his part) and assembling piles of books and thumbing through many pages (on my part) we have reached a decision.

I've already started on my first choice for the month; I'm about 100 pages through M.R. James' Count Magnus and Other Ghost Stories. Thus far I'm pinning M.R. James' as a cross between H.P. Lovecraft and Henry James. M.R. James lacks the florid over the top descriptions of Lovecraft, but the creatures of the night in this collection are pretty gnarly. This James' isn't nearly as wordy or heavy as Henry James, but has that same sense of intellectual depth and usually contains a fairly objective or distanced narrator.

In edition to this collection I have:
I'm really pumped about October reading. I'm on "vacation" next week and between the freetime and the new glasses I'm ready to read. Now if I can just convince Barnabas that candlelight isn't really the best way for me to read and preserve my eyes.


Amanda said...

Oooh what a cool owl...I wish I could get into reading like that, I can barely get a few pages of a magazine in at once haha..Maybe one of these days..

Amanda said...

Well no wonder why you haven't time to read! You've got your hands full! I wish I could be more dedicated with my knitting/crocheting/embroidery. I suppose I'm a reader first and crafter second.

Creative Beast said...

i'm participating in Blogtoberfest and stopped for a visit...

love that you are a librarian and a huge reader. i will have to visit in future to get ideas on new reading material.

funny, you are the second blog i visited today that had cute owls happening on their blog! guess it's the theme for me today!