Thursday, December 3, 2009

15 Kick-Ass Gifts for $15 or Less

  1. Matryoshkas Measuring Cups: Adorable! Six measuring cups for dry ingredients that nest and look cute and fancy.
  2. Sublime Stitching Gift Card: Versatile! Whether you need a vintage lamp pattern, a sturdy eco-friendly tote, or a durable pair of embroidery scissors Sublime Stitching is there to provide.
  3. Sarah Utter Tees: "Reading is Sexy" and "Knitting is Knotty" tees?! Sold, I'm especially happy that some of her tees are carried in big girl sizes.
  4. Cupcake Liners: Bake it Pretty has a beautiful collection of high quality cupcake liners. From bold colors to fancy vintage-looking prints these cupcake liners are perfect for all special occasions: even weddings with cupcake receptions.
  5. The Mammoth Book of Dickensian Whodunits edited by Mike Ashley: A coworker clued me in on this bookish delight; this truly mammoth book contains gobs of mysteries by contemporary authors. The book stars Dicken's very own characters including -- one of my favorites -- Mr. Bucket.
  6. We Love Colors: Give the gift of well-constructed, bright tights. Seriously, We Love Colors has virtually every color of tights one could imagine. Added bonus, it comes in big girl sizes!
  7. Miror Noir DVD: Have an Arcade Fire fan in the family (well, you should because Arcade Fire is awesome)? This gift is perfect, instead of straight up concert footage the DVD shows a mash of music, concerts, and life of the band.
  8. Harney Tea: Although I am a rabid coffee drinker, I, too, love variety and frequently indulge in a cuppa. Harney Tea is by far one of my favorites. Some of my favorite blends include Paris, Cranberry Autumn, and Earl Grey Supreme.
  9. Black Apple: Basically anything Black Apple rocks. There are gobs of goodies for $15 and under in the Black Apple's (artist Emily Martin's) shop: note cards, pins, bookplates, and gift cards to name a few.
  10. Inman Perk: My home away from home, indulge your caffeine loving friends and family with bagged whole bean coffee, a travel mug, or a gift card.
  11. Unemployed Philosopher's Guild: Because, honestly, who doesn't need a Sherlock Holmes finger puppet, Virginia Woolf note cards, or a disappearing wives of Henry the 8th mug!?
  12. Tea Towels: Handy and stylish, the most supreme tea towels can be found on Need a towel with a huge handlebar mustache? They've got that too.
  13. Baking Nerd Tees: Yes, yet another find! These tees take the cake, designs include: hotness (oven mit), just beat it (wire wisk), and that's how I roll (rolling pin).
  14. Absithne Soap: An Arcana Soap item found via Okay, can you tell I love It is green fairy scented soap (cue looks of wonder and amazement).
  15. Lovely Deer Hair Clips: I can't tell why, but I adore these deer hair clips. Maybe it is because they are the perfect combination of cute and fancy.


Eva said...

I want them ALL. But for me, lol. Next year, I'll just send you my parents' e-mail address, and you can put together a helpful little list for them. :)

We Love Colors said...

Thank you so much for mentioning us in your post! We're happy you enjoy our colored tights and want to get the word out about us. We really appreciate it. Have a happy holiday!