Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 'cause I'm lazy

I feel this pressing need to blog, but can't muster up the energy to compose complete sentances.  So, I'm going to brew some tea and make a grocery list and you all can look at my Christmas pictures.

1.  A new tradition is born.  Each present under the tree is wrapped and has a name on it.  There is also a number on the gift.  Then we take turns drawing numbers, the person who draws a number finds the corresponding gift under the try and then hands it to the recipient.  It makes Christmas morning last longer!
2.  Hope is excited about new dollhouse furniture and Sam is engrossed in a Marvel Superhero comic book. 
3.  Whoot!  Warm, fuzzy owl blanket!
4.  Hope has been reading Bunnicula voraciously since Christmas.
5.  Sam received Final Fantazy 4 for DS for Christmas.  I now refer to that game as the "other woman."
6.  My Pa Pa.  I haven't seen him since I was 15 or 16 years old.  The picture on the mantle of the lady is my Granny.  I miss her.
7.  Turquoise Docs!  Yesssssssssssssss!
8.  I thought this picture of my Dad was funny because it reminds me of this


Virginia said...

Bunnicula! I loved that book when I was a kid!

Andi said...

Awesome pics! I loooove that owl blankie. Looks very fuzzy and warm and fabulous.

Oh, and I squealed when I saw that Hope had a copy of Bunnicula. I loved that book when I was her age. The whole series, in fact.

Clover said...

That whole number thing sounds like fun! And Bunnicula! There are words to describe how much I loved Bunnicula!