Friday, October 1, 2010

Remembering September and Looking to October

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October is here and it is one of my most favorite months; I adore fall weather.  September was disappointing as far as autumn goes -- we had temperatures in the upper 80s most of the time.

Now the air truly has a bite of apple crispness and find myself perfectly content to stay home with a large mug of warm milk and and an even bigger book.

Now, for retrospect followed by exciting plans....

Remembering September:

  • I began life as a soccer mom (gasp!); and Hope is really loving the sport.  It is so nice to see her working hard and making friends.

  • Baking:  a made some fall favorites (pumpkin bars and espresso brownies) and baked a new recipe, Cranberry Honey Drop Cookies.

  • The adoption was finalized!  Sam is Hope's daddy for ever and always!

  • I began a new embroidery project

  • I had a wonderful date day with Sam to Athens.

  • Several wonderful trips to the library and a phenomenal library book sale

  • Celebrated Sam's 29th birthday

  • Began taking Prepared Child Birth Classes

  • Readying the nursery!

  • Finally I have internet at home

  • Craft night with friends featuring yarn, Thai food, coffee and gossip

  • Read three books (only three!), Mary Queen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley by Alison Weir, Anatomy of Deception by Lawrence Goldstone, and The Sign of Four by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Looking to October:

  • Blogtoberfest! The goal is to post every day in October.  I didn't accomplish this last year, but I sure did post a heck of a lot more.  My goal is to post every day, even if it is a tiny writeup, rant, or link.

  • Finishing Sharon Kay Penman's The Sunne in Splendour.  This is a fabulous book, but nearly 1,000 pages long.  This is my "I must finish this book before Atticus gets here" challenge.

  • Speaking of Atticus he *might* be here by the end of the month.  Needless to say I'll be nesting, baby prepping, and finishing childbirth class.  I'm looking forward to this being my last month of pregnancy and having my little man soon!

  • Thrifting!  Tomorrow is the huge community thrift sale, because of Hope's soccer game I won't make it there until noon so I hope some deals are left.

  • Working on my new embroidery project and finishing the blanket for Atticus.

  • Organizing my photo albums.  I feel compelled to tackle the box of pictures and put them in order.

  • Breaking out the sewing machine

  • Making holiday plans and beginning my baking and gift plans early

  • READATHON!  Next Saturday!  Yay!

  • Staycation!  Hope has fall break week after next and we have plans to see a movie, have lunch with her Dad at work, take walks and watch plentiful amounts of Dark Shadows.

  • Possibly a foray into Once a Month Cooking.... possibly

  • Organizing my bookshelves.  I'm saving this for my nesting spurt.

  • Baking big loaves of crusty bread and making jar after jar of pumpkin butter and apple butter.

  • Audiobook stockpile!  I'm stocking up on audio books for when I function as a milk tank in late October / early November.  Pass on any recommendations!

There we have it, lots of stuff to look forward to!  In my immediate future I see a shower and hitting the pillow.  I'm tired and I know I'll be up 5o0 times in the night since Atticus has decided my bladder is the perfect squeeze toy.


Alex said...

All the best with Blogtoberfest. Just love the name Atticus....lovely to hear about your nesting.

Bibliophile Bythe Sea said...

whewwwww, i'm tired just reading about how busy you have bee. Glad All is well with you and your family.

Katie said...

Busy times! For what it's worth, my friend I freezer-cooked with has gone on and on (I even got texts from her husband to the same effect) telling me how awesome the meals were for after the baby came. It's a long day to cook a lot at once, but it'll be worth it for you, I think. :)