Saturday, March 19, 2011

Books: Recent Acquisitions...

Yes, I took advantage of Borders' demise to profit my book collection.  I'll confess I didn't feel the least bit guilty.  About 3 or 4 years ago I was an avid Borders fan, but the past few years have left me feeling lukewarm towards the book chain.  They simply quit being bookish.

I've always loved that in addition to books I could find cute notecards, journals, and bookmarks and a few adorable non-bookish trinkets (tea towels and owl mugs, for example).  My antipathy began when Borders began to be more about the non-bookish stuff.  The book collection at my local store seemed decreased by at least half and there were always the same books.  I don't know, by the end of the local Borders' lifespan I was decidedly "meh."

Anyhoo, onto the book purchases:

I think this should do it for book-buying for a while.  My goal is to not purchase more books until my birthday weekend trip.  Sam and I are going to Athens, Georgia for a night (the kiddos will be with the co-parent) and I plan on hitting up one of my most favorite used bookstores!


Catherine said...

hurrah! you got your own copy of artisan bread!! the other books looked okay too, but yay for ABI5!!

Andi said...

Oh my God, maybe I should go pilfer my local going-out-of-business Borders because this stuff kicks ass!!! I was just sayhing at my blog that I want to read My Life in France now after some of the bits I learned about Julia in The United States of Arugula. Crazy-interesting.

You know I'm a huge fan of your owl lunch box, and I'm totally jonesing to read something about Albert and Victoria. The Young Victoria is one of my new favorite movies since I've watched it a couple of times through now. SOOOOO good!

Great haul! Enjoy!

Susan in TX said...

Good for you! We went to our closing Borders today and left about $80 poorer, but happy with our finds.