Monday, March 28, 2011


The kids are in bed, the cat naps, Sam is reading the paper, and all is peaceful.  I'm sitting with the glow of the computer on my face and a hot mug of Irish Breakfast Tea at my side.  Now, time to write....

... chirp...chirp...chirp....

I've got nothing.

A few small thoughts swirl... no, make that lazily float... through my head:


  • I want Jane Eyre to play in a city not in the bowels of Atlanta

  • my handful of vacation days next week are fast turning into a cram errands and cleaning into a half-week of work

  • I can't wait to finish amassing my books for the 24 Hour Readathon

  • I foresee baking an Orange Sticky Cake in the future

  • I really like Tea

  • I really like my new memory foam mattress

See?  Nothing of substance.

In fact, I'll tell you of my epiphany yesterday at the grocery store.  Publix had tinned tomatoes on sale and I stocked up.  While I'm loading my cart I'm muttering "one can never have too many tinned tomatoes."  Then I realized I sounded like someone's grandmother.  Then I realized that this is the wisest sentence I have ever uttered; it will be my catch phrase in old age.  My "something nasty in the woodshed" type sentence to proclaim at inopportune moments to intentionally boogle the young folks.  I can see it now, "there, there, Granny, we know all about the tomatoes."

The epiphany:  one day I will be a kick-ass old lady.


Erin McKinney said...

You know, a crappy friend would say, "whaddya mean 'one day'?" I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'. You kinda left yourself open there. :-P

Thomas at My Porch said...

You will definitely be a kick-ass old lady. We went to an estate sale this weekend and they had a king-size memory foam mattress for sale. All I could think was "Yeah, but its remembering someone else's body..."

Eva said...

LOL: I love that last paragraph. :D (And it's so true! Our pantry is always stocked with canned tomatoes!) I can't wait to be a kickass old lady; I'm always looking for role models and inspiration!