Monday, October 24, 2011

Readathon -- The Final Update

I think this has been my most successful Readathon yet.  I read (as in solid reading time) close to nine hours.  Reading is a pleasure for me and I've no desire to turn it into a chore, so I knew I certainly wouldn't be reading for 24 hours.  Within those 9 hours I managed to finish 2 books, put a dent in a classic, and zip half-way through a YA book.  My ultimate goal was to read at least 500 pages during Readathon, and that I did!

Here are my final stats:

Time Read:  8 hours, 40 minutes
Number of Pages Read:  530 
Challenges:  completed one challenge
Blogging and Tweets:  3 blog posts, 23 tweets

Next Readathon is April 21st, 2012!  Of course, I have to make Readathon my own so I'll be making these changes in the structure of my readathon:

  • I'm going to make a theme for my Readathon next year.  It may be Viragos, or library books, or books I own, or graphic novels, or books for a challenge, etc......  I'll decided the first week of April and begin assembling my stack 'o' books.
  • My goal will be to read 600 pages
  • I'll do a pre-Readathon post and a Readathon wrap-up the next day, but other than that I'm taking Readathon totally on Twitter.  
Okey dokey, I'll see you Readathon cats next year!  

1 comment:

Linda said...

I like the idea of making the goal a number of pages. Great job.