Thursday, February 9, 2012


Tomorrow I'll announce the winners of the Charles Dickens giveaway, but today I wanted to give folks notice that I will be taking a blog-break from Saturday 02/11 until Sunday 02/19.  I feel like I am spinning plates.  When I blog I drop the ball on housework, when I exercise I drop the ball on reading, when I bake I drop the ball on knitting..... I have so much I want to do and no time.  I've been cranky lately because since I've been exercising I find that my reading time is restricted.  That makes for one grouchy book nerd.

Next week I have valentine crafts and baking to do and Hope's 12th birthday party to prep for and I'd like to finish a book as well.

If I don't get some solid reading time I am going to papercut someone.  For real. 

I'll see you all in a bit! 


Suki said...

haha this sounds soooo familiar! There is always AT LEAST ONE ball being dropped in my life-juggling! :)

Kate said...

Audiobooks! You can exercise, clean and do a ton of things while "reading."

Andi said...

Enjoy the blogcation! I feel ya.