Saturday, April 14, 2012

I need a library parapro fight club

It is the end of the semester and that means everyone at my university is running about like headless chickens.  We have accreditation visits, major shifting, re-carpeting in mid-May, hiring a new peep, and other such crazy things.  The place is driving me bonkers.

Last Friday I had a tear-filled meltdown at work.  I arrived at work 15 minutes early after a brisk 2 mile walk.  I changed and was going to apply makeup and start some coffee.  Midway to my office to Library Director pounced, "Amanda, all the librarians will be interviewing this morning.  It is just you and the work-study students.  Tell C(cleaning lady) to vacuum and polish the glass and by the way registration is in the library."  At this point in time it was 10 minutes until my shift started.


Then midway into telling the cleaning lady what to do my supervisor pops up -- "Amanda, there is a hole in the calendar. You won't have a work-study from 10-10:30 when registration starts.  You are the library."  At this point it was 7 minutes until my shift started.


So I spent the morning trying to find the schedule to see why my ILL helper wasn't there because at least that work-study could start on the days ILL work. Then I said fuck it.  I sat makeup-less at the front desk pretending to converse with the various Suits (aka administrative types), redirecting lost registering students, disarming the alarm that kept going off, and trying to drink my coffee.

FINALLY -- I went to my office to do interlibrary loan work.  I quickly gave up.  There were too many things going on.  I did this and that and answered questions.  At noon, I grabbed a book and went to the breakroom for lunch when I was cornered by librarians wondering why I didn't order a particular office supply even though they know the budget was frozen for the rest of the year.  Then there was a speech about customer service and a bit about getting the job done.  I turned around, grabbed my bag, went to my vehicle and proceeded to scream FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK as loud as possible.  Then I drove to the coffeeshop for lunch.

All of this to say... I need a blog break.  Work has me stretched thin.  Sam is working a lot and I haven't had any time with him longer than 30 minutes.  My house is a wreck.  And my sleep schedule is fucked.  Then I look at my blog and it seems like yet another lackluster failure.

My introvert self is pissy and I need the soothing balm of quiet book time.  So, adieu until Saturday, April 21st.  I will most likely be Readathoning then.  I'm going to use this week to read, tidy the house, exercise and hug the babies.  I'll be back in full force in a week and hopefully I'll even get to commenting on all these kick-ass posts popping up in my Google Reader.

Peace out!

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Karen K. said...

Wow, that takes the cake. You deserve a long vacation from that library, not just from blogging! How dare they attack you on your break like that. Jerks!!

And your blog is hardly a failure, it's delightful and I really enjoy reading it. But I hope you enjoy your break and find time to read, something totally escapist and relaxing. I'm not participating in readathon this year but I'll be following the posts. Good luck!