Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Mishmash

Heather at Capricious Reads is one of my blog heroines.  I asked her permission to copy her "Monday Rambles" idea.  I feel like when one wants to borrow a blog idea that is a feature one should give a nod to the idea-creator.  Anyhoo, I already do a "Readerly Rambles" and so I didn't want to do another Ramble -- of course it could be argued that a fair amount of my blog is just rambling -- so I decided on Monday Mishmash.  That truly is what it is -- a mixture of stuff from the weekend, upcoming events, random thoughts, and bits and bobs of life.

--  Blog Break... not so much.  I was going to take a blog break, but then I missed it too much.

-- Friday was such a bad day at work, but the weekend was fabulous.  Hope went to grandma and papa's house for the weekend so it was just the boys with me at the house.  On Saturday Sam took Atticus to the local car show and out to run errands and visit friends while I spent some "Mom-trovert" time at the coffee shop.  After journaling, reading, and a smidgen of knitting I caught up with some college friends who were visiting for the day. 

-- On Sunday my coffee maker broke which was a very sad and solemn occasion.  Sam and I went to the coffeeshop for a latte and then grocery shopping with Atticus.  I handled the grocery shopping and coupon wrangling and Sam walked around with Atticus.

-- Atticus does the cutest things now:  if you sing "shake your booty" he wiggles, if you say "dancing feet!" he dances, and if you say "silly walks" he does the best Monty Python silly walk through the house.

-- I've renewed my love of the solitary walk.  I've been dropping Atticus off at daycare and then walking a mile or two around campus before heading into work.  I slip my headphones on, listen to music, and enjoy the trees, birds, sky, and scent of honeysuckle in the air. 

-- Today I listened to Sigur Ros, Arcade Fire and the Amelie Soundtrack.  The other day I listened to Minor Threat.  That may tell you how varied my musical tastes are. 

-- So far, the highlight of my day (this mishmash brought to you by my lunch break) is my chicken salad wrap.

-- Hey!  This weekend is Readathon!  I'm pretty excited.  I never read as much as I think I will, but I'm going to do my best to read 500 pages.  That's my personal goal.  I think it will take me 8 - 10 hours of solid reading.

-- I have even more exciting news... next weekend (the 27th - 29th) I'm taking a mini-birthday trip with Sam to Atlanta.  We're planning on book shopping, museum visiting, high tea, and plenty of coffee consumption.  I'm really looking forward to it.

-- On the downside, I didn't win the weight-loss competition.  Sad face.  I am still kicking it with eating right and exercise and hopefully I'll loose some more when I weigh on Friday.

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Heather said...

Awwww! *blush* That means a lot coming from you!

Very very sad about the coffee pot. Must be like loosing a best friend. :(

I think we need some sort of video of Atticus's Monty Python walk.

Wooo hoooo Readathon! I am all kinds of excited!