Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh My.... How Pinteresting: 07/19/12

What's catching my eye this week on Pinterest

Another lovely embroidery pattern
This is a brilliant idea!  Freezing fresh herbs with butter or olive oil in an ice tray.  Bag it, freeze it, and use it later.

YES PLEASE.... Banana Pudding Cake!
I'm looking at my dull craft table lamp and getting inspired
I need to do this.  No more digging around for wee jars of cloves!

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Andi said...

We are Pinterest sisters! I think I've pinned most of these, too. The spice rack is pure brilliance.

Chris said...

Holy crap! Bananapuddingcake!!!! Get in my mouth! And I LOVE that idea of freezing fresh herbs in olive oil or butter! Must try that :)

Amanda said...

Andi -- I need to actually do some of my pins. LOL!

Chris -- I haven't made that cake yet because I know I will EAT THE ENTIRE THING!