Monday, October 22, 2012

The mixed bag vacation: Part 1

I'm back from my blog and work vacation.  And it isn't a far stretch from the truth to say that if I didn't have children depending on me I'd throw myself in front of a bus.  I. don't. want. to. go. back. to. work.  I work with a staff that is 50% Peyton Place and 50% Police Academy.  Help me.  My vacation was an odd mix of lovely, exhausting, and horrifying.  I'll blog a bit about each day.  Today I'll blog about Friday - Tuesday.

Friday, 10/12

In one word:  WONDERFUL
On Friday we took Atticus and Hope to the Zoo.  We had free tickets via a program at our public library, the weather was sunny and cool, and it wasn't too crowded.  Atticus was thrilled and Hope appeared to have a good time. I brought us a picnic lunch so we avoided overpriced burgers at the zoo.  Atticus lasted a full four hours and way past his nap time before becoming grumpy.  It was a tiring day, but a good one.

Watching Meerkats

Saturday, 10/13

In one word:  BOOKISH
Ah yes, Readathon.  I've learned to make Readathon my own creature.  I go blog-free with only occasional forays into Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  I don't see how folks are able to read as much as they do, blog, cheer, and comment.  I can't divide my attention.  I decided after several Readathons that I was very dissatisfied afterwards and felt unaccomplished.  Now I just focus on reading and family.  I had lunch with the family, went to Target, did some chores, and read.  In fact, I read 350 pages.  Since I normally read an average of 50 pages a day I figured that was pretty good; yay, a week's worth of reading in one day. 

Readathoning at Panera

Sunday, 10/14

In one word:  TIRING
I know that the work only took four hours, but is was a very tiring four hours.  Sam and I dejunked the mudroom, sorted the coat closet, cleared out art and craft supplies and cleaned and rearranged furniture in the living room and craft room.  Sam hauled things to the basement and other things to the back of the van for donation.  We totally ordered dinner in at the last minute because I couldn't fathom cooking.

Sorting craft supplies

Monday, 10/15

In one word: OKAY
The day started with an awful trip to the grocery store with Atticus screaming for yogurt raisins through Aldi's.  Once we got to naptime all was well.  I had a brief but lovely visit from a friend and got my knit on.  After said friend left and Atticus awoke I switched the kids room.  Sam and I are still in the smallest bedroom, Hope is now in the middle sized bedroom, and Persephone and Atticus will share the master bedroom.  I spent most of the time in a controlled rage, sweeping up after a petulant, messy 12-year old did not make the afternoon pleasant. I made up for it in the evening by working on some crafts.

Tuesday, 10/16

In one word: EXHAUSTING
The kids were back at school this day.  My friend Shannon came over and helped me paint Atticus and Persephone's room.  She helped with the first coat and then we went to lunch and hung out.  I then put on the second coat after she left.  Once again, tiring and I feel it shouldn't have been that tiring.  I was okay, because I knew that aside from a few errands, Wednesday would be wonderful.  OR SO I THOUGHT....

Tea...something good for each day. 

(... to be continued)

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Andi said...

I'm glad it started off well because I know what's coming! You are quite the productive staycationer!