Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The rest of the birthday celebration

I can't really take full credit for the arts and crafts portion of the Halloween birthday bash.  Sam was an immeasurable help in getting it all together.  We did several projects and like a ninny I didn't photograph as much as I should (I was too busy enjoying myself!).  We spent Friday night watching The Walking Dead and getting ready.  Sam cut eye holes in paper towel rolls (the goal was to put in glow sticks and make creepy eyes... alas, the glow sticks were to tiny to make an impact.  He also cut out monster parts to make treat bags with the kids.  I stuffed goody bags.  I also filled wee plastic bags with mini marshmallows and then drew ghost faces on the bags.  I'm so glad I had Sam to help!

A good blogger would do a tutorial or photograph everything in extreme detail.  I'm not a good blogger.  Instead you can look at all the fun we had:

Sam is a tall, tall man

Sam and Brent hamming it up

Shannon had a great time as well.  You'll notice that rather than drinking beer all of my friends are getting crunk on coffee.  That's how we roll.

Atticus spent most of his time running

Craft time with Sam

Even on-the-go-Atticus loved craft time!

This is how the day after the party went.  An exhausted tot with sugar detox going on... loads and loads of tears.
I didn't get a chance to snag some pictures of The Great Pumpkin hunt.  It was like an Easter Egg hunt but with pumpkin candy and a Great Pumpkin (ahem... an orange Easter Egg with $5 in it).  I also didn't get to take pictures of Hope.  She had three friends over and spent the bulk of the party in her room ... giggling... incessantly giggling.  They emerged for food and the would retreat away from the little ones. 

I'm thinking our Halloween/birthday bash will continue each year... Next year?  I'm thinking a Harry Potter theme!

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