Thursday, December 29, 2011

Resolutions.... Sorta

I had a lovely day today.  Hope and I went out this afternoon to do some shopping.  We hit up Target and our crappy local mall.  I bought a water bottle, jammies for Atticus, some clothes for Hope, a recipe journal, and a crocheting book.  Then a quick cup of coffee and a few errands.  This evening the entire family helped pack up the Christmas decorations.  That always makes me depressed; the house looks naked and cheerless when all the festive doodads are gone.  Hope asked "why can't we leave it up all year?" And I told her "because then it wouldn't be special and fun; it would be blah and everyday." 

I have fun and relaxing plans for this evening though; Sam and I have season one of Portlandia to watch, I'm making some homemade pumpkin spice lattes, and I Hope has begged me to crochet her a rainbow cowl for her birthday in February.

Speaking of Hope, look at how much she has grown:

Time has flown by and I can't believe she will be 12 in a few short months.

Speaking of time, I'm bringing back an old challenge I planned on doing several years ago.  In 2007 I had planned on participating in the 101 things in 1001 days challenge.  Essentially, you make a list of 1001 things you want or need to do and you knock 'em out in the course of 1001 days.  This was on my old blog that I deleted when this happened and I only updated it once on my new blog.

What went wrong last time is that my life changed so completely and most of the goals were no longer applicable and I really wanted a fresh start.  When I made the list I had just dumped my douche-bag boyfriend of six years.  Then eight months later Sam and I started dating.  Soon we were engaged, moved in together, married, and had a baby in the space of two years.  My goals radically changed.  Before that having a baby, planning a DIY wedding, and moving to a new home was not in the cards.  I feel more settled in life now.  I don't know everything that's in store for me, but I feel a bit more in control of my path.  I felt like now was the time to set some new goals. 

I don't really care for New Year's resolutions; I have reading goals and I kinda think about what I want to accomplish, but often a year is not enough time and I hate ending a year feeling like a royal failure.  The 1001 days gives me much more time to complete goals and I can aspire to loftier dreams.

Cheers to new goals.  My start date is 01/01/2012 which will put me completing the goals by 09/28/2014.  Here is the catch: I'm not posting my list ahead of time.  I've written it down in a notebook and I will pop-on every month or so and write about what I've completed. EDIT:  I REALIZE I PRETTY MUCH STARTED THIS ON 12/16/2011 WHEN I STARTED MY HOLIDAY VACATION; NEW END DATE IS 09/12/2014!

The reason why I'm doing it this way is because I wrote down around 140 things rather than 101.  See in some situations I have a goal A that cannot be reached (or will be inevitably delayed) if I select goal B.  For example, If I have another baby then I won't move to Indiana right away for Graduate school.  If I do finally get to go to Harry Potter Land then realistically speaking I most likely won't visit Portland, Oregon.

Wish me luck, this will certainly be an adventure!


Jillian said...

Very best of luck! I'm also doing the 101 in 1001 challenge. It's really stretching me to try new things I might have put off without it. :-)

Amanda said...

Wow, she's only 11? My son just turned 11 in October and he still looks like a little kid! I wonder how much he's going to change in the next year or two...

I admit, I'm a HUGE fan of new year's resolutions/goals. I love starting over again every year, and I always try to make my goals reasonable so that I can achieve them. I don't always succeed, but I always succeed in at least 1-2 goals, and I'm okay with that. :D

Beth @ More Than True said...

Just today, K was saying how sad it'll be when we take down all the decorations, and I said that that's what makes it special. :) We don't take ours down for a couple days yet, though. We usually take them down on the 2nd of January.

I tried starting 101 in 1001 a while back, but it never quite gelled for me. Good luck!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

put a bird on it.

Susan said...

I like the idea, 101 things in 1001 days. I think another blogger (Rhinoa) was doing something like this a while ago.

I don't want to put our Christmas decorations away either! Not til after the New Year, I think.

Amanda said...

@Jillian -- that's what I really like about the challenge. I have easy to accomplish things (like reorganize my recipes) and the scarier things like driving in downtown Atlanta! (yes, that is very scary to me!)

@Amanda -- Hope has already hit puberty changes (she would kill me for typing that) and I know if takes a bit longer in boys. My friends son went from cute little boy in 6th grade to freakishly tall and with facial hair by 8th grade.

@Beth -- usually we wait until the 1st, but have several social things going on this weekend and then its back to work so everything had to come down now.

@michelle -- Ha! I loved that sketch.

@Susan -- that's so cool that other bloggers are doing it. Solidarity, yo!