Monday, March 19, 2012

Making Monday

I need to embrace the fact that I'm really horrible with remembering to take enough pictures for my blog posts.  You'll have to content yourselves with a poor phone photo of a finished dishcloth sans the dreaded "weaving in the ends". 

It is a little wonky on that >>> side, but whatevs.  There are many more things in the works: 
  • Our raised bed has been built and filled with good soil.  Which by the way, wheeling a wonky wheelbarrow filled with dirt down a steep hill is an AWESOME workout for the triceps and thighs. 
  • Peas, carrots, onions, spinach and lettuce are in the ground!  Sweet potatoes will go in next week.
  • Thyme is planted next to the oregano and rosemary in the front yard.
  • I'm crocheting throw pillow covers for our sofa.  Hope to finish the first by the end of the week (I'm forever the optimist).
  • Speaking of yarn, Michael's was having a sale and I bought 10 skeins of cotton yarn for dishcloths.  I usually keep some cotton and needles in my bag for work meetings and such.  It is easy to transport and pick up and keeps me from getting restless in long meetings.  I keep a stash on hand for gift baskets for teachers and family members.  I need to whip-up a stack of receiving blankets or bibs or hats because so many people I know are having bebes.  
  • I'm still working on the same blasted embroidery piece.  I don't think I'll ever finish it.  GROAN.  When and if I do finish it will rock.
Next update I swear I'll have more pictures.... if I remember.

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